Leather Care and Color
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Leather Care and Repair

Specialists in leather repair / recoloring / reupholstery for your furniture, clothing, and more. Select rejuvenated leather furniture also available.

Our goal is to restore beauty, comfort and value for you. We make it easy and keep the cost as low as possible by integrating surface repair, leather replacement and recoloring. No need to completely reupholster when only the seat or arms have a problem.

A wide range of surface repair / recoloring is possible - cracks, flaking or worn color, oil and other stains, even cat scratches, etc. Custom-mixed colors available. When a part cannot be preserved, we can replace only the damaged sections with custom-colored new leather, rather than reupholster the entire item.

How much would you enjoy a new custom color? Refresh your leather furniture when you redecorate or change color anytime just to please yourself. New color will completely cover any existing color.

Leather care products and DIY recoloring kits avalable, too!

You will find the best in leather furniture in many styles:  mid century, Danish modern, club, art deco, wing back, rolled arms, etc.






All estimates are free and include a cost range to due to variations in labor or materials required which cannot be precisely determined in advance.