Leather Care

Cleaning and routine care is simple: Use only products specifically made for leather furniture or clothing. Apply a moisturizer / conditioner 3 to 4 times / year from the beginning. Leather has a pH (acidity) level of 4.5 and all products used on it must match this or they may damage the leather.  I offer:

Leather Lotion Plus - an excellent routine care lotion that cleans, moisturizes, conditions, and protects by refreshing sheen and resistance to wear and water.

Leather Cleaner - powerfully lifts soil with minimal rubbing.

Deep Moisturizing / Conditioning Gel - replenishes the deep moisture essential for suppleness, strength and durability.

Please contact for further care details and product prices.

Leather Repair

For furniture, clothing, purses, briefcases, luggage and more, a wide range of surface repair / recoloring is possible for leather that is worn, torn, soiled, scuffed, dry, dull, faded, flaking, baggy, cracked, cat-scratched, or dog-chewed. Custom-mixed colors also available.

When leather cannot be preserved, it is often possible to replace only the damaged sections, colored to match, rather than reupholster the entire item. I offer customized / innovative cost-saving options whenever feasible. For example, converting attached sofa seat cushions to independent cushions when the seat leather is being replaced. Or wrapping new leather over the existing deteriorated armrests, custom-colored to the original color, thus avoiding the much higher cost of labor to deconstruct and reassemble most of the sofa just to reach the damaged armrest section.

Leather Recoloring

Stained, faded or damaged leather can be recolored and look great again. The new color coating is an opaque protective coating that bonds to the leather surface like a second skin; it flexes and stretches with the leather. It is recommended for most lifestyles since it can be cleaned easily, resists fading, water and wear.

Any color can be covered by any other color (white covers black, and vice versa). This finish is found on 75% of new leather furniture. The leather with this color coating is called called protected, pigmented, or coated leather. Colors can be custom-mixed to match most leather or paint colors. The look can be a solid color, or a richer 2-tone (sauvage) look. Distressed or patina effects can be created. 

Surface sheen comes form the clear top coating, and can be satin, glossy or matte. Durability is equal to, or better than, the best tannery-applied colors. The color can be touched up or colored over at any time to maintain a fresh look.

DIY Recoloring Kits

Do-it-yourself leather recoloring is easy - just tedious (like most refinishing). If you can paint a wall, you can achieve professional results. Color is water-based, non-toxic, and dries quickly. Kits include an illustrated written manual, video instruction and phone support. Instruction at workshop is possible for local customers.

Restored Leather Furniture

High quality items in many styles:  mid century, Danish modern, club, art deco, wing back, rolled arms, Chesterfield, etc. Special focus on Ekornes Stressless,  and the best MCM / modern designs.

Some items available while restoration is still in process, so customer may choose new color.

Shopping assistance

Verify best leather type for you, identify imitations, source vintage items worth repairing, and/or evaluate the quality, condition and value of furniture prior to purchase.

Educate / Inform

Promote understanding of leather types, imitations, leather care, repair and recoloring.  Available to speak to groups, or to host customized small group seminar at my workshop.

Special assistance to owners of bonded and bicast (hybrid materials: synthetic + leather) in pursuing compensation from seller / manufacturer. These are legally sold as leather, but crack, peel, flake and/or split open after a short use. Cannot be repaired, and warranties do not cover typical premature deterioration.