Ekornes* of Norway has designed their Stressless recliners to be one of the most comfortable and durable in the world. They are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, and prescribed by orthopedic surgeons for relief of back and neck pain.

As a result, repair is well worth doing and will extend the life and good looks for many years. The foam, frame, reclining / swivel mechanisms, and base are so durable that replacing the leather effectively restores it to new condition, for a fraction of the cost of buying new. You can have every kind of repair imaginable, including personalized improvements for better-than-original fit. We:

  • Specialize in restoring beauty and comfort to all styles of Ekornes furniture: replace / recolor leather, repair / replace parts.
  • Sell restored Ekornes recliners, chairs and sofas. Many can be recolored / reupholstered in color of your choice.
  • Source pre-owned items for you.
  • Estimate restoration cost before you purchase from a 3rd party.  
  • Restore even the oldest styles with original Ekornes-specific parts, or fabricate parts no longer available.
  • Personalize the fit for you with more / firmer / softer padding, or create a matching pillow of any size.
  • Personalize style / design when the leather is being replaced, including: eliminate buttons, change decorative seam design, increase or decrease curves, make armrests thicker, thinner, narrower, or wider.
  • Offer all the cost-saving options we can think of, such as, if the headrest is deteriorated, adding a matching headrest cover flap to save the cost of replacing the entire backrest leather. Or replacing only the portion that has deteriorated, and coloring the new leather to match. We'll modify designs to be more durable, efficient to fabricate, and still maintain the original look. For hands-on folks, there is a DIY recoloring kit - easy, mistake-proof, and yields professional results; you can choose to work in the workshop under our guidance, or start there and finish at home. For some repairs, you can choose an unconventional "bandaid" solution - rock-bottom cost, but less lovely / durable than the professional way.

Familiarity with Ekornes is important for complete, correct, durable repairs. I have seen the marvelously designed comfort slaughtered by upholsterers who sewed the S-bend of the back and neck curves reversed, or flattened the curves to a plank, or substituted padding with wrong curves / support / softness, made armrests that looked and felt like flat bricks, or installed them so the slant was wrong left-to-right and front-to-back.

*Pronounced EK-er-ness, like "better mess" (not EE-kornz)